Sarah Orne Jewett House

Eastman House

Sarah Orne Jewett grew up in this Greek Revival house on the family compound and lived here full-time until she was thirty-three, when she began spending half the year with Annie Fields. She continued to live here part time until she was thirty-eight and inherited her grandfather’s house next door.

In 1931 the house was bequeathed to Historic New England by Sarah’s nephew, Dr. Theodore Eastman, Teddy, who had also spent his youth in this house.

Beginning in 1970, and for over forty years, the house served as the South Berwick Public Library, having been dedicated by a volunteer group, the Jewett-Eastman Memorial Committee, for this use.

In 2014, once again under Historic New England ownership, Eastman House opened as Sarah Orne Jewett Museum Visitor Center.