Sarah Orne Jewett House

J.A. Maddox and Son

J.A. Maddox and Son was a grocery store owned and operated on South Berwick’s Main Street. by Joseph Maddox (1847-1916) and son Albert Maddox (1873-1954) on Main Street. The family owned and operated four other grocery stores, two in town, one in Lebanon, Maine, and one in Milton, New Hampshire, all named J.A. Maddox and Sons. Thus, it was an early example of a retail chain. The stores were later run by Joseph’s grandsons.

Albert S. Maddox and wife, Erna, a widow, had a large, combined family. Albert was an active town citizen, becoming became a bank president and president of Odd Fellows, a fraternal society in town to which Sarah’s father, Dr. Jewett, belonged.

In 1929, Albert S. Maddox was a pallbearer at the funeral of Sarah’s sister, Mary Rice Jewett.