Sarah Orne Jewett House

Columbia Warren House

The Columbia (Columby) Warren House is thought to be one of the oldest houses in South Berwick. The house inspired the setting for Dunnybrook by Gladys Hasty Carroll, also of South Berwick.

Columbia Warren (1817-1908) was the son of Joseph and Jane Emery Warren. He may be descended in some fashion from James Warren, one of 25 Scottish indentured servants that arrived to the area in 1645.

Columbia Warren’s gravestone reads, “Who lived all his days in the two-room cabin where he was born.”

In 1942, his friend Lorenzo Hooper said:

“I’d give ten years of my life to spend one more evening in Columby’s kitchen with Columby and all the rest that would be there, just as it used to be.

I’d give five to go into that dooryard some frosty morning and smell Columby’s pipe.”