Sarah Orne Jewett House

Hannah Driscoll

Hannah Driscoll was a Jewett employee for decades, beginning as a fourteen-year-old girl. In later years, Hannah lived next door to the Jewett family and helped Sarah’s Uncle William when he had become aged.


Hannah’s long-time service to the family was unusual for the time. There was a high turnover in domestic staff at that time. Seven women worked with Hannah in succession during her three decades with the family.


“I have eaten my supper and now the evening begins — I don’t think I ever wanted to see you quite so much as this time.  Hannah is singing a high slow measured air of her native soil that I do not remember to have heard before but there is a sad wail in it — something about Robbie Burns! — but she often puts new words that she learns to the old lines — now she descends to the girl I left behind me, which is very much more cheerful besides being appropriate to the occasion of poor Pinny!   I like to leave the door ajar between this and the kitchen! –Letter to Annie Fields, April 1889.