Sarah Orne Jewett House

Louisa “Loulie” Dresel

Fifteen years younger than Sarah Orne Jewett, artist Louisa “Loulie” Dresel admired her famous Charles Street neighbor. In letters to “Little Loulie,” Sarah seems to have taken a sisterly liking to Loulie, encouraging her in her art, suggesting books she might read, writing about visits to the theatre and the opera, and her travels. Loulie in turn, seems to have delighted in sending Sarah little presents a bird whistle, a silver box, violets. One Christmas she sent Sarah a stocking with a prune, a witch figurine, and a sliver cloak clasp, and to Annie, an edition of Sappho.

Sarah mentioned dog Roger and cats in letters to Loulie, seen here with what is likely a Loring dog—perhaps her dog Roy.

Loulie’s  mother, Anna Loring, who had been vice-president of the Sanitary Commission of Boston during the Civil War, and president of Vincent Hospital, was also a friend of Sarah and Annie.