Sarah Orne Jewett House

“Half of me… stays with you…”

Thursday evening

Nineteenth of February, 1882

I have just finished Warners Irving and I like it dearly — I wish we could have read it together — some of the chapters at any rate — I am delighted with this last one — though I liked it as much as I could when I saw it before in the Atlantic — Dont you remember how good the very last pages are? I like Mr. Warner better and better and

there is something to be thankful for in the honest manliness and the humor and sentiment of this book.  He speaks in such a cordial way of Irving’s humor and sentiment that one is the more glad to praise him for the same gifts and graces.
— Dear darling I did not make myself sure about the second little letter, so when it came tonight I [though intending thought ] it was very nice of you! I have not been getting on very well without you, and I had to hear from you just as often as I could. I have been in almost as stiff and crooked a state as I was after the horseback expedition to Corey Hill, but I think the worst of this little scud has blown over and I shall be a great deal better by tomorrow. I wanted an armful of little books dreadfully sometimes and I thinked and thinked about them! and I am

sure you know just as well this minute, as if I could really put my head in your lap and tease you as you sit at your desk — It is just like being with you still — I believe every thing of me but my boots and clothes, and the five little stones and the rest of the things in my pocket, and the hairpin — all goes back to Charles St. and stays with you half a day at a time —