Sarah Orne Jewett House

Caroline “Carrie” Jewett Eastman

Caroline Jewett Eastman (December 13, 1855-April 1, 1897), “Carrie,” was Sarah Orne Jewett’s younger sister, and the only one of the three “doctor’s girls,” as South Berwick townspeople called the Jewett sisters, to marry. When Sarah and Mary inherited their grandfather’s house, Carrie moved into the Greek Revival house next door with her husband, Edwin Eastman, the town apothecary, and son, Theodore J. Eastman. Carrie died unexpectedly after a brief illness at the age of forty-two. Sarah Orne Jewett dedicated “A Native of Winby and Other Tales”, a collection of stories, to her younger sister, writing: “I have had many pleasures that were doubled because you shared them, and so I write your name at the beginning of this book.”