Sarah Orne Jewett House

Martha’s Lady excerpt

“Who do you think is coming this very night at half-past six? We must have everything as nice as we can; I must see Hannah at once. Do you remember my cousin Helena who has lived abroad so long? Miss Helena Vernon–the Honorable Mrs. Dysart, she is now.”


“Yes, I remember her,” answered Martha, turning a little pale.

“I knew that she was in this country, and I had written to ask her to come for a long visit,” continued Miss Harriet… We must have tea a little later.”


“Yes, Miss Harriet,” said Martha. She wondered that she could speak as usual, there was such a ringing in her ears. “I shall have time to pick some fresh strawberries; Miss Helena is so fond of our strawberries.”


“Why, I had forgotten,” said Miss Pyne, a little puzzled by something quite unusual in Martha’s face. “