Sarah Orne Jewett House

At Home

Christmas Day –

— early evening.

Dearest Annie,

I had a quiet little journey home and found John waiting on the other side of the bridge — Then Mary and Theodore and I fell upon our presents, and then upon our dinner and Katy’s Turkey which was the biggest and best of its kind — and then I meant to go to work but I was too tired and sleepy so I put me down on my bed, and had a great sleep!

Since the event of waking up I have been hard at work on my proofs, and now they are all done for February — Katy brought me up a cup of tea, and I am setting forth on my notes — Mary and Theodore have gone to the Parish Christmas tree where I meant to go too, for an hour but I was too tired & too busy.

The presents here were charming — just as we thought them prettier than usual in town — Mary & Theodore both were delighted with your lovely things — Theodore especially with the Wordsworth — and the lamp and the Indian Child! and Mary with her top knot — which seemed the top of everything!


Dear little Fuff what a lovely Christmas we had together! It shines and shines — I think …Eva’s letters made a lovely part of it — I hope you had a good feast — I thought of the little party and wish I could have stayed there & come home too. I must go now to the notes!


With dear love