Sarah Orne Jewett House

Pinny and Fuff

I have been reading Under the Olive a good deal in this last day or two and I can’t begin to tell you how beautiful it is to me — and how helpful.


I long to hear you read from it again.  And when I think it was my dear little Fuffy who wrote it, it seems quite amazing — It is like remembering that I have dared to talk nonsense and hug and play generally with something that turned itself into a whole world full of thoughts and sights and beautiful things —  Fuffy and this poet are a funny pair to live in the same skin you know, ladies!  Oh Pinny to go to work!  An idle and thriftless Pinny to whom the rest of the Lawsons are industrious.

How is Roger?  I suppose he is all right and makes big mud tracks on the clean floor — and is just the same as ever, but I like to know — ).  I look forward always to having you again and being with you — it is so lovely, and I shut my eyes and look all about — at the rock and down into the orchard and out to sea. And I want to hear somebody say yes, when I say Fuf-fy!  which doesn’t happen now. — And Pin just said it out loud to see, because she is alone too — you know.  — How nice about Sandpiper!  Good night darling  —  from Pin.)